Carter Bain Wealth Management

Providing Investment Solutions for a Better Tomorrow.

Carter Bain Wealth Management, LLC, founded in 2004, is a registered investment advisor dedicated to delivering attractive and sustainable absolute returns in all market environments.

To be competitive in today’s market, we recognize that we must be a technology driven firm.

Technology is an integral part of virtually everything we do. Our development team thrives on identifying the innovative quantitative techniques that drive the Firm's systematic trading strategies. This way we are able to maintain an advantage over the competition and provide our clients consistent and unparalleled service. 

We operate in the world of finance in a predominately conservative nature.  We are very comfortable managing risk for clients.  That being the case our clients’ investments are never distributed to 3rd party investment managers. Thus, this ensures that all assets are managed in house.  We believe that our clients and their capital be treated with the utmost care.  Accountability begins and ends with us.